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    Manushanukku Prichannai illai na! Aandavanukku Archannai illai!

    The Topic is almost like this in English. "If there is no problem to man, He won't go to God!".

    I believe " God is The One. He is omnipotent. He is the almighty. "

    When does a person go to god and surrenders himself?

    * When he has a problem!
    * When he does not want any problems in future!
    * When he wants something!

    Is this why he really goes to God? Why there is even a God?

    People treats him like an agent and give service charge in the name of archanai.

    I have seen people who checks all pockets starting right from shirt pocket to ticket pocket and getting a 50 paise coin to put in pooja plate.

    I often wonder, Why there is even a God?

    Post your views.

    I request all humbly to post your views only after reading all other's post. So that, the repetition of same points can be avoided and if not doing so, leaves the thread dead as well as reduce the reputation of Tamil Spider down.


    Chandru Always Rocks
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    மனுஷனுக்கு பிரசினை இல்லேன்னா ஆண்டவனுக்கு அர்ச்சனை இல்லை

    Veru good post and thought provoking too. If we have everything we wont even think of god leave alone going to temple and doing some archanai. When we are in problem we try to please him with archanais and so on.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    Hello Mr. Chandra Shekar,

    Whenever you post anything, give the title in English. If you want to write in Tamil, then you must give the English translation of the same, even in the title. This is because the search engines cannot read regional languages and can only understand languages like English, French, Spanish and so on. Eurocentric concepts, but there you go! So unless we give the English translation of whatever we post in the regional languages, it will be of no use to the website since the search engines won't even be able to index them.

    Another practical fact is that some members as well as most of the viewers of may not know the Tamil language. I myself do not understand Tamil. Also, suppose anyone from West Bengal or Punjab or Mumbai is looking for some information on Tamilnadu and he or she stumbled upon this site. Now, if we post in Tamil, and the visitor does not know the language, he or she will navigate away in no time. Thus, writing in Tamil will affect the traffic and thereby the revenue of the website.

    This is my personal view only and can differ from that of the site administrators. I would like the site administrators to comment on the same and produce some strict guidelines, not abiding by which will attract deletion of the posts.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar
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    Hai Chandra Shekar
    We people think of god when we are in trouble or in Extreme situations. What we are giving to god is just for our satisfaction. People think that Yes! I have did this so my problem will be solved or God has given me this victory so I have to rewarded him by giving special pooja or Abisheham like that, by doing these and all we will be relaxed by forgetting our troubles.
    According to me, we should help as much as possible to the poor. None other than this, reach god.


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    To Kumaraditya Sarkar,

    Thanks for the information. I got your point. I'll try my level best to post in English.

    To Kavitha,

    I was overwhelmed when you said, "None other helping the poor helps ourself to reach God!".

    To All,

    A lot of questions arise in my mind right now. I'm sure that these questions would have surely arose in everyone, when all were at my age. Yet, I don't think age as a factor. As the time passed by, we had a lot more commitments to work upon and leave the unanswered questions alone ourselves.

    I would love to say out a few.

    * We all know that, Idols of God does not eat sweets and dishes. Is this why we prepare tons and tons of sweets, loads and loads of dishes and offer him? Is this not like cheating on him?

    * Temples have become commercial. The give a handful of offer to the people like Ordinary Dharshan, Special Dharshan, Ordinary Archana, Special Archana. People are even ready to drop 1000 Rupees note in the Archana Plate but not even ready to drop 1 Rupee in the hands of the beggars who stand outside the temple. I have seen many people who does trade with the God "You do this to me, I'll do this to you". So, Is this a business done with God under the witness of God?

    * We get ill, we go to Doctor. We need protection, we go for Police.
    Whenever we need something, there is surely something in reality that are ready to help us. Yet, we go for something imaginary, infinite, undefined power named God. Why is that?

    Post your views.


    Chandru Always Rocks.

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    Chandra Sekhar your views are little different than others.

    Idols wont eat sweet. Its a whole lot satisfaction that goes into offering prasadams to lords. Not that they eat physically but they do wait for these offerings.

    Dropping notes in archanai plate and not in beggers plate. By giving alms we are supporting him to beg again. By offering in archana plate its token of kanikkai for already got favour.

    Why we go to temple. To get solace. Not all can go to temple and get that solace they want.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    Hi Mr.Chandra Shekar

    The topic you have taken is a very deep subject. According to me Unconditional Love is God. Actually we human beings are the one who expects something in return and not God. Problems are created by us only. We create problems and put blame on God. Actually the unwanted desires causes problems.

    I agree with your views regarding temples. Nowadays it has become a business like. Every where donation. God doesn't expect any denomination from anybody. All that is needed is Unconditionally Love Him for his grace and for his mercy. He has given free air, water and what a beautiful sceneries all around. His creations were wonderful.

    In hospitals they are charging in thousands for oxygen. But we are getting it free everyday. You need not put even a single penny for Him, just a heartfelt thanks and just praise him, that's enough. Just these are my views. Thanks for the nice subject, you have taken for discussion.



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    Amazing to see the wishes for me embedded with a little bit of sarcasm.

    Let me summarize the answers.

    * We offer sweets and dishes to the Idols of God for our own satisfaction. I agree. I cannot bare that the God is waiting for our offerings. Let me say that, I am not clear in that point.

    * 'Kannikkai' is what we offer to God, for what he has given to us. I will have to wonder and worry only if its for the God, for what he is yet to give.

    * Solace, Peace of Mind. I agree.

    I feel insecure without any supporters. All are opposing me, and supporting The God.

    Well, It doesn't bother me anyhow because The God is sitting beside me and asking me to fight harder.


    Chandru Always Rocks

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