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    Tamil Nadu girls are more beautiful. Do you agree? Discuss

    தமிழ் நாட்டு பெண்கள் தான் மிக அழகு ..உங்கள் அபிப்ராயம் ?

    K Mohan
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    Its quite interesting topic.All humans with good heart and thinking will shine like a star in this universe and they are the most beautiful persons forever.


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    Hello Mohan Sir

    According to me Inner beauty is more important than outward appearance. Girls who adorn themselves with Patience, Self-contentment and Pious nature are more beautiful than anybody else in the world.



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    This is an excellent post by Mohan. And Fathima and Sowmya both are right. It is their character that defines whether a person is beautiful or not. The culture and the traditions of tamilnadu are very great so that the beauty of the girls are brought out. According to me all the girls are beautiful. It is based on the point of view the people see that girl. Most of the girls of the Tamil nadu are well trained with good customs and traditions of the family. This will make them look good before others. The beauty is the thing that has to be seen internally. The external beauty is the one that is not going to sustain for many years. If a person learns to see the internal beauty of a women then their life will be pure and very successful. People of tamilnadu are like that and their beauty is shown to others in this manner.

    Now when we think about the external point of view also it can be very well said that the girls in Tamil nadu are using natural beautification things for their face and body. This will definitely help their face to shine very well and the things that they use are made of natural extracts from the plants that make them keep their skin healthy.

    When we focus on all the aspects the beauty of the Tamil nadu girls are revealed to great extent. This is perfectly based on the viewer and on what point of view he is looking.

    Thanks & Regards
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    I think there are two ways of looking at beauty.

    One is the beauty that comes out of one's internal charisma,the well being that one feels with herself and with the world outside. If you think the world outside is a good place and the people around you are good then you feel happy and the world feels happy for you.

    So you smile more,laugh more and the world laughs with you. Then nobody notices how you look-whether you have a snub nose or crow eyes or black heads.All they notice is your smile.

    Another kind of beauty is that you are born with. Have you noticed some women being beautiful and very dignified even in their old age-like Maharani Aishwarya Devi?

    One day while travelling by train, I saw a woman sitting on a platform in a countryside railway station selling guavas. She must have been in her middle age.

    She was very dark complexioned, but I should say to this day that she was the most beautiful woman I had seen. She had almond shaped eyes,pearly white teeth,long thick hair she had oiled and combed properly and tied into a bun.Not one strand of hair was out of place.She wore a simple shiffon sari and not important of all was absolutely unpretentious. After all,she was a country rustic who did not want to show off in front of others.

    (but look at the way many girls of modernity wear their hair. It is left loose all the time and one feels so hot and bothered even when we look at their hair)

    These are the two kinds of beauties-one that comes from the happiness within and the other that one is born with. No amount of makeup can really make a person beautiful. A madeup face lasts only for hours.

    And I think the two beauties can be living in any part of the world,let alone in Tamilnadu. As long as happiness lives beauty lasts!

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    KJ,Sowmya,Bala and Gayathri thanks all of you for a overwhelming response and appreciating this post.

    The replies are very good and i am elated that memebers took great pain to respond.

    Good that these kinds of discussion keep our site growing

    K Mohan

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    Hi Mohan,

    Good Question.Tamilnadu Girls are More Beautiful???.The Answer is Yes.The reason is their Dressing Sense.Wearing "Saree" is the Tradition of us.Girls are looking more Georgious When they wear Saree.And in Appearance too they are Good.Since,Tamilnadu culture is Helping Them.:)

    S.Karthik Kumaran

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    Karthik Kumaran i appreciate your observation on the beauty of Tamil Nadu girls. I fully vouch that girls with half saree or dhavani and full saree always enhance their beauty and Tamil Nadu girls definately have the dress sense. Good reply keep it up.

    K Mohan

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    What is Beauty? What factors contribute to Beauty?

    Beauty is a characteristic of a person which is obtained from other characteristic of the person like patience, dressings, behavior, cultural, respect, care, love, affection and so on.

    Beauty can be of two types: Outer and Inner.

    Most people compute beauty with outer skin. When a person happen to see a girl in a bus stand, he will say that she is beautiful.

    Here both are strangers to each other and the person does not know even a single character of that girl.

    From this, we can say that Outer Beauty completely depends on one and only one factor and that is Skin and its color.

    When it comes to inner beauty, all other good characteristics of women contribute to it.

    In world level, Tamil Girls are the one having cultural, dress codes, other good behaviors and thus they are beautiful.

    Today, even the dress codes of Tamil girls are getting modernized.

    The day is not so far when Tamil Girls are going to ask "What is Saree?"


    Chandru Always Rocks

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    Thanks Chandra for responding and raising the concern that tamil girls are shying away from the saree culture. Saree is the only attire which brings full beaty of a girl. It transforms a girl to a woman in a saree. At at any cost saree culture cannot be discarded by our girls.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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