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    Who is god????

    We come across loads of definitions about god. What is your opinion about god??
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    How can you find a definition for God? Defining something is setting a rule, a beginning and an end and judging something.

    But God is beyond judgement, beyond our human understanding.

    I have faith in Sathya SAi Baba. I have total and complete faith in Him and do you know what he says about God

    'that God has mysterious ways and we as humans have no right to judge the ways of Gods.'

    When someone is very kind to you or is helping you out of a predicament you say, 'He is God sent'.You then ackowledge the presence of a supreme power that glows around you but that which you are not able to see.

    It is a kind of Divine Energy that showers unquestioned love on you and reprimands when you behave bad.

    That is God for you-the undefinable,the uncomprehensible,the unconquerable but reachable power that is within you. Look into yourself and you will find God.

    When you help someone in all sincerity,there is God within you.

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    This is an afterthought,Anagha.

    They say that God sent down mothers to represent his Love for his children.

    Can you then define MOther's LOve?

    She loves you in all sincerity because you came out of her.

    God loves you because He made you.

    There is no difference betwixt the two.

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    God is omni present

    He is living ever in this universe.

    You and i may vanish one day but god and his power will remain intact for years and yugams.

    Each move of us is induced by a power called god. Some times its in your favour and many times its against your interest.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    God is nothing but the human heart with kindness.


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    i was actually waiting for the reply given by kj

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    We can not define God. But everyone can say something about god either positively or negatively. There is nothing in the world that is not under the providence of God.

    You and I are able to think about God it is because of His Grace. His presence could be experienced but can not be explained fully. We are a drop of water in the sea, whereas the sea is God.

    God is a benevolent power that is everywhere. He loves us, guides us, leads us, protects us, illuminates us, empowers us and makes us what we are. He fulfills all our desires.

    His ways are unique. He has no beginning and no end. He is everlasting.

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    Each and Everyone in this World has God within him.

    Once there was stone sculptor, who sculpted a sculpture. Everyone around him appreciated the talent of the sculptor. The sculptor humbly denied their appreciation and said that, the sculpture was inside the stone and all I did was to remove the unwanted pieces.

    This is how human beings should evaluate themselves.

    When you eliminate all your bad qualities and bring forth the good in you, then the God will be visible in You.


    Chandru Always Rocks

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