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    India and London Comparision

    2 Months back London city police made an announcement that anyone from the city can talk in their mother tongue while contact the police control room for emergency services and Translators would be available 24*7. Recently City police of London had released the top 10 languages which were spoken by the people during emergency services. Tamil was one among the top 10. Punjabi and Bengali are the other Indian languages in that list.

    Union Ministers of India and Lawyers are unable to speak in their mother tongue in Parliament of India and High Courts respectively even though Constitution of India allows it.

    Just I compared the London and India. I feel little bad that condition in India should be changed.
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    Hello Suresh Ji!

    Duto poristhitir modhye kono tulona kora jay na. Amader desh ek bahubhashi desh, England ba London er moto noy.

    Understood anything? It was in my mother tongue, Bengali (We can't compare the two situations. Our country, unlike England or London, is multilingual).

    Both literally and practically, the above response shows you what is the problem in India. Few languages are spoken in UK, namely English, Gaelic, Irish, and Northern Irish. Also, there are much similarities among them. But in India, languages like Tamil and Bengali are poles apart. Hence, there must be a common convenient languages in India, which I feel, quite rightly, are Hindi and English. In case of emergencies like crime and fire, we too can lodge complains in regional languages; police stations and the parliaments aren't same things. You may know that even in the English Parliament, no other dialect than the Queen's English or London English is allowed. Yes, no Cockney or Gaelic at all.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar
    Site Co-ordinator, SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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    Hi Kumaraditya,

    Can you register a complaint in Begali at Delhi? I am sure it is not at all possible.

    I told that UK Government respects the Indian languages but Indian Government is not.

    I want remind you that MPs are allowed to speak in their Mother tongue and translators are available for them. Why not for Union Ministers?

    99% of the cases in Madras High court are related Tamil Nadu people's cases. If the argument are in English, how can the common man who doesn't know english understand their case related things?

    Constitution of India allows the regional languages in Court. Central Government allowed Hindi in UP, MP High courts. The Same way it should allow the other regional languages also. Why double standrads?
    If the judge doesn't know the regional langauge, we can provide translator for him.

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    As the Digital world grows faster and higher, perhaps, it will not be harder for us to do things in our own languages. Everything could be made easy for us.

    There will be only one problem. Except a selected few who translate one language to another all will be more and more interested in developing their own languages. In the process there will a possibility of being handicapped.

    But, do not be worried. There will be somebody who will come out with new solutions to solve the foreseen problem. Let us get ready to find our new ways and means to solve the unforeseen problems.

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