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    Best time to teach a kid

    At which month it will be right to teach a baby. what will u teach at the age of 1,2 and 3. after that they go to school. before that time which should be taught first.
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    Hi preethi,

    My point of View is Better we don't need to Teach them at that Age.The only thing which can do is "We have to make the Good Surrounding to the Child,We must Behave Well in front of Child.Since,they can observe the Gestures well at that Time.Saying some Good stories may improve their Creativity."Let,the child Play...Teaching will be Implemented after 4 Years atleast..


    S.karthik kumaran,
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    Hai preethi

    Humanbeings are curious to learn something from birth itself , weather we teach or not the kids starts its learning from birth. Identification of mother's face is the first learning, then slowly the observation of surrounding begins. Sense organs of the baby also develops to identify the nearby things.

    Age 2- Actions and understanding the situation
    Age3- Believes all the sayings of yelders with out reasoning
    Age4 - Can do something but Unable to consider the motivation behind action.
    Age5 - power of Reasoning and sense organs develops well.


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    At the tender age you and I never learn from others' teachings. But the entire surroundings form us. A child may not listen to what you say. But it stores up every information it gets through all senses and definitely observes all that you say, do and feel. These make the child.

    If we are really interested in the well being of a child, then, first and foremost let us try to create an atmosphere where the child can grow without any suspicion, fear and anger. A child that grows in an atmosphere of love and concern lean a lot for a creative life.

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    Dear Preethi,

    First of all let your child live in a warm atmosphere where you can love him and care for him.

    Secondly,do not give him too closeted a life.I know a mother who told me that her daughter would always cry when she was taken out amongst other people. THe doctor suggested that the parents take their time off to take the child out as much as they could,to meet many people. The childwould cry her heart out initially but later on as she went on meeting people she got used to them and stopped crying.

    Frankly,I would advise you not to wait till your child joins school to teach him.

    My son is four years old and he is in LKG.

    Even a few months after he was born,we started teaching him simple things by showing him all those objects he saw around him everyday and repeating their names.

    Ex-'show the fan to him and repeat -Fan

    Show the tube light and say-Tube light.

    In a few days when we said Fan he would automatically look up.

    When a child joins school he is grilled at a interview or assessment,where he is expected to know names of animals and birds,fruits and vegetables,identify colors,catch balls,fix wooden blocks etc.

    You don't have to tire the child with a strenous workout but spend a few minutes everyday when he is fresh and not hungry or sleepy and teach him little things. There is no harm in it. It will always keep him in good stead.

    Don't wait till the last minute to cram his young head with details.

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    Show him picture stories and read them aloud to him. The language you use will get imprinted in his heart. When he is around two or two and a half,hold his hand and with a chalk make him write letters on a slate.

    Believe me,because of this practise I had with my son when he was two and a half,he finds writing easy now and I don't have to hold his hand to write.

    I see many children who are four years old and who can even write their names and can tell the time.

    But you will have to be very patient. His attention span will be limited to just a few minutes. Do not scold him if he does not write as you want him to even after a few days practise. THat will only frighten him and bring an aversion towards the subject.

    Make studies an enjoyable experience for both of you.

    Learn to learn along with him.

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    Human beings are capable enough to learn on their own.

    I know Teaching is different from Learning.

    Parents always teaches the good things to their children. It's because parents are adults who know the difference between the good and the bad.

    Children don't differentiate good and bad. They always try to imitate their parents in every way they could do it.

    A parent smoking in front of his child does not intend to teach it to the child. Yet, the children imitates him by keeping a pencil or pen in its mouth and do it the same ways his parent does with the cigarette.

    So, I say all time is a best time to teach kid the good things.


    Chandru Always Rocks

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