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    Basic Tamil Sentences to Manage in Tamil Nadu


    This will be very helpful for other State candidates living at Tamilnadu.I will give you the Basic sentences to Remember to Handle Some Situations in Tamilnadu.

    1.Travel :

    If you are coming to Tamilnadu via Airport OR Train OR Bus. You will be required to enquire the Car or Auto to Reach You Destination. In that Situation you can make use of the following sentences.

    #.Can you Drop me at Tambaram?-"Thamabaram varaikkum vandi varuma?"

    #.How much you charge for it?-"Evvalavu roopa aagum?"

    #.Ok, No Problem Come Lets Go to the Place. I pay you the Money-"Seri pa paravalla enna antha idathila vittudu.nan kaasu tharen"

    #.Where is the Remaining Balance?-"Meethi kaasu tha pa" have change?-"chillarai vachirkiya?"

    #.Thanks for doing this Help-"Romba Nanri"

    2.At Hotel :

    After, reaching your Destination Sure you need some Food. So you can use these sentences at Hotel. Most Hotel Workers know English, but I am providing here for some Exceptional Cases.

    #.Where is the menu card?-"menu card kondu va pa"

    #.Server, Clean This Table-"intha table thodai pa"

    #.I need some Water to Drink-"Konjam thanni Venum"

    #.What are all the Special Items today?-"Inniku ethavathu speciala Food item senjirkingala?"

    #.Hey Look at this Hair has Fallen in this Food-"Mudi sappatila vizhunthurku.vera kondu va"

    #.Enough, Please Bring me the Bill"-"Pothum Bill kondu va"

    #.I kept the Tips at Table-"Tablela tips vachirken"

    #.Where is the Toilet?-"Toilet Enge Irukku?"

    #.Where is the Hand wash?-"kai alambra(kazhuvura) edam enge irukku?"

    #.I don't have change-"En kitta childra illa"

    #.can you accept my Accept Credit card?-"Credit card use panalama?"

    That's it. In near Future I will also explain some other situation too. Thanks.


    Here, i used the local language slang (Chennai thamizh), since most people understand this quickly. For example, if you are asking 'where is the Gents toilet?' means you should use "Gents toilet enge irukku?"Rather if you use pure Tamil Means sure you will be in a problem. In pure tahmizh"aangal sellakoodiya kazhivarayai thangalal katta iyaluma?"Sure, sometimes they will not understand what you trying to say.So, for emergencies use the above local Sentences.

    Thanks for reading this!

    S.karthik kumaran
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    Hi Karthick,

    You missed Kongu Tamil......

    I love Kongu Tamil because the slang itself gives respect to whom we are speaking

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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