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    Why the name Tamil Spider ???

    Hi friends,

    I am really feeling glad to be a member of Tamilspider,But these are the questions im going to post,

    1.Why the name tamilspider?
    2.why cant it be tamilpeacock,tamiltiger,TamilMosquito etc?
    3.Is there a real reason behind this name?
    4.Or is it just a name kept without any actual reasons?

    I am not kidding at all,i expect more wonderful,serious,poetic replies from you guys,Because i believe nothing happens without areason and there must be strong reason behind this name,i am waiting for your response,

    Thanking you,


    *** Mei Porul Kaanbadhu Arivu ***
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    Funny post Kameswaran and i liked it.

    All the ISC sister sites are named as spiders with respective regional names in the front.

    But i suggest a new name here.


    How is it.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    Oh well Thank you mohan,But i expected more interesting replies more than this,

    There are eight directions in the world,

    Superstar Rajnikanth has also divide you life in to eight parts,

    Spider is the only insect that could prey on even mamals,

    Spider has eig ht legs as we all know,

    Hence the website that spread the pride of Tamil in all the eight direction named as Tamilspider,

    How is it???

    "Tamilmann" is also a good one,

    Thamking you,

    *** Thotrathu oorum manarkeni,maandhartham katranaithu oorum arivu ***

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    Hello Mr. Kameswaran!

    Internet today looms large all over the world, and nothing is probably possible in the present life without seeking resort to it. Just like a cobweb connects various corners of a wall and bridges them with, the internet also connects the manifold computing devices all over world. Hence, calling the internet an 'web' is not just a custom; it is, we may say, a metaphysical conceit. You must also recall that the phrase "www", which forms a part of most of the URLs, is actually an abbreviation of World Wide Web.

    Just as real spiders crawl about the cobweb, there are certain search engines which are devoted to search, enlist and rank data according to their qualities. These search engines employ a tool, which is called web crawler or web spider, for scanning the data which is being posted almost every nanosecond from all over the world. Hence, the term "spider" is not an alien one to world of computing.

    TamilSpider is one of the regional "spider sites" which actually belong to the SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt Ltd, a business unit by Mr. Tony John (The founder webmaster of some great sites like,,, and many more websites). This company legally owns all the spider sites (TamilSpider, AndhraSpider, ChennaiSpider, BengalSpider and a whole lot) and their names have all been derived from this company. This company is presently owned by Mr. Tony John and his wife Mrs. Manju Tony. So, this is the "serious" answer to your question.

    We can think this in a regional level as well. TamilSpider is a complete portal of Tamilnadu which is ready to provide all inclusive information on this state. Willing to be "poetic", as you have mentioned, you can imagine TamilSpider as crawling the entire Tamilnadu for gathering information, and looming its cobweb large to gather traffic, like spiders spread their webs to attract insects. This is the "poetic" answer to your question.

    Now the "wonderful" answer. Let us not bother about names.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar
    Site Co-ordinator, SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Surprising CTR, CPC and eCPM in Punjabspider!

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    Hello Mr Kumaraditya Sarkar,

    Wow what an Intectual reply,im really glad that my forum has got the real reward now,many of the members who may not know the exact reason behind the name must be feeling happy now that you have given such an wonderful explanation.

    Now the "most wonderful" line,

    " If I had not bother about the name,i woud not have recieved such wonderful explanation from you "



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