Reduction in the minimum marks for joining Engineering

Recently Tamil Nadu government has reduced the minimum eligibility marks of the twelfth standard students from PCM (Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics)average of sixty percentage to 50 percentage marks. This may reduce the number of students joining arts and science colleges in Tamil Nadu.Moreover how many engineers you need to produce in a four years period?

Instead of increasing the number of Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu or reducing the minimum eligible marks for joining Engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu, Why not the government of Tamil Nadu concentrates on improving job opportunities in various fields other than Engineering? Of course there are lot job opportunities in engineering field.

Most people don't think that the move made by our government is intelligent, it also create feeling that the government want fill all the seats in Engineering colleges that have been opened recently and it is the intelligent way to increase the revenue of the government through the fee paid by Engineering students.
Even though the Tamil Nadu government produces large amount of engineering fresher, they fail to produce large number of job worth Engineers. Thank you.