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    Role of Students/ Youth in Politics

    Is it good or bad for nation when youth's get involved in politics?

    Yet, another question...

    Is it good or bad for youth when they involve in politics?

    Convey your views in here...


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    Really it will be a good sign for future INDIA. Rahul Gandhi initiated some thing. Why don't we try to make a change.


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    Let us talk about youngsters with no political background.

    If such youngsters involve in politics, the true reality is that...

    * Their life is at stake.
    * They put their family's life in jeopardy.

    Even after knowing the consequences, if youngsters get involved, the ultimate thing is that, they will end up in Jail or get killed or their family have been put in a questionable situation.

    In order to overcome all these problems, there are certain basic qualifications and requirements for the youngster before entering politics. They are...

    * He must be an orphan.
    * He must not have any kind of close relationship with any person or else, the person's life will be put at stake.
    * He must be physically as well as mentally over prepared to face all kinds of consequences.

    This is overall situation that persists. And I am not discouraging or humiliating youngsters. I am just bringing forth the consequences.

    When Youngsters get involved in politics, it is good for India.

    When Youngsters get involved in politics, it is bad for the Youngsters/ Youth.


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    Everything has plus and minus. Since the question is, "Is it good or bad for nation when the youth get involved in politics?" I would say yes as far as nation is concerned. For, the youth has the power to work and plan out without prejudice and self centered.

    So the responsibility of the elders would be paving the way for the youth and supporting them when they meet with some failures.

    The youth is bound to face the problems, difficulties, and failures as they are capable of marching ahead with high speed and with new ideas. Ok. Let us enjoy something new rather than clinking hard to old stuffs.

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    Students / youths in Indian politics. It is very good sign and this is the dream of Dr.Kalam.


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