Voxya Consumer Complaint Forum Online

Hello Dear Members
I just want to introduce Voxya, online consumer complaint forum where a consumer can file a complaint against the company or the seller to resolve their complaint with an optimal solution. It helps consumers to get a replacement, refund and return from the company. It is trusted by more than 14,000 consumers across India where more than 8,000 consumers resolved their complaints using Voxya an online consumer complaint platform.

How Voxya Resolves Consumer Complaints?

1. It starts a social media campaign for maximum impact of consumer complaints.

2. It sends an email to the company to resolve complaint amicably.

3. It will draft a legal notice and send to the company and also send a copy of the notice to consumer address.

4. It helps consumers to approach consumer court and prepare all documents and evidence to submit consumer case in consumer court.

You can check this forum online and also suggest to your friends about this platform to protect them from any kind of consumer and online fraud.

Thank you.