How does mass media play a role in the population media?

The biggest thing of the mass media is to make people aware of the public opinion. Television's role as media is unmistakable. But it is true that the television has a positive role in negative media but there are few negative reactions that we often notice. Nevertheless, it's positive role is so important that people do not get scared about the bad thing. TV journalists and cameramen who publish their lives by distributing news to the audience, the audience conveyed their message to the audience, they became real news, yet the incident became so close to us. Radio media can be chosen as complementary to television, which also plays the role of media with audiovisual media. Television has a social responsibility, it's not just fun entertainment. It also has the right responsibility for various social situations. Public welfare is established through the practice of child marriage, child welfare killings, family welfare plans, health care, education awareness, legal aid for the poor in the case of prosecution, and the presentation of television programs on radio or television. In the middle of the twentieth century, when the mass media started to be overwhelmingly across the country, the question of repeated apathy in the public was, "What is that and how much is it?" It may be true that during the first generation, television or radio media could not provide much, but gradually their expansion has been able to provide a lot of information.