How colour has played an important subject in Indian cinema?

For the purposes of glamor to use color in Hindi film To hide the dynamics of the subject matter, these multi-letter pieces are needed. Thinking of glamor, the Hindi film producer does not take the scenes of scenes in the natural environment with sunshine. But the cloudy days of sadness can be expressed in a colorful film. Color helps to enhance the appearance of the character. It is not possible to understand the class differences between one character and other characters in general, by white black. The use of color helps to express the matter more clearly. The main aim of those who were thinking of coloring in the first era of the colorful photo was to establish a direct relationship with the film. Initially, the color of the color applied in color is relevant to the painting. The fact that the realization needed was that the color can be used as a part of the film, only then it is applied to color. Not only for the introduction of art, it is undeniable that the use of color, story format, character, creation of dramas and moods, and even the details of the color is undesirable.