A leader like Kamaraj for today, Utopian Tamil Nadu( A Dream)

Yesterday, I read about the great leader Kamarajar. I was really in tears so many times. The vivid description of Kamarajar by Suki Sivam was wonderful. Please search on Google or Youtube for more information.

Can someone like Kamarajar come on board again as our CM, Unblemished, Purely service oriented, Pragmatic, Kind and Empathetic.

I thought about, who can fill his position in the current world. Utopian Tamil Nadu would have the following people in the government, I guess. This is just a wild dream.

Can a person like Mr. Sagayam. IAS, be the chief minister of Tamil Nadu. Can someone like Piyush manush of Salem be the Urban development minister. Can someone like Suki sivam be the spokesperson. Can a kindhearted person like Jayanthi Balakrishnan be the Social service minister. May be, I don't know of many other good people in the state. If all of those good people can come under one roof and do the administration, wont it be great. People will be protected and Tamil Nadu will be number one state.

If it is true democracy, power wont be in the hands of a few. It should be in the hands of the people. Sometimes we have to blame ourselves in not participating in voting, elections and politics. It is a lot of hard work. What a common man can at least do is to be active in choosing their leader.

What a dream! Pick all the people who have the hearts and brains to do good to the society and make them your rulers. How wonderful Tamil Nadu would be if only such people are ruling the state.