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    According to you which month is Tamil New Year?

    Discuss:According to you which month is Tamil New Year?
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    Right from the begining April 14th is being celebrated as Tamil New year and its the fact and history too.

    If the political parties wants to change that equation means they are going against the sentiments of the people.

    K Mohan

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    If we are going to celebrate April 14th as new year it is obviously very funny. If the plan is changed to be like that then let the whole calender be changed according to that. Then why are we following this type of foreign methodology for the calender sake. So there is nothing that can be done regarding this. Only the Jan 1st will be considered as the new year globally and we dont have any other option than accepting that point.

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    Bala i think you have not understood the thread properly.

    What the question and what is your answer.

    Just go through again and respond.

    K Mohan

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    Tamil New Year will always be April 14.

    When we celebrate an occasion consistantly, it becomes a part of our tradition. We just can't change our tradition for some polical stunts.

    "You respect the occasion and the Occasion respects you."

    From the known age of mine and even before, its been April 14.

    So, it'll always be the same. I'm allergic to other date.


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    Hi all,
    In my opinion, Tamil New Year will be April 14. From our childhood we are expecting April 14 for many things. Its an new year to enjoy for the tamil people. Anyone can change the date. But our heart speaks April 14 is the tamil new year.


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    April 14 being a Tamil new year since my grandfather's day. Changing this won't be correct decision. Thai 1 PONGAL festival it also had its own important ,we can say that its one step higher that April 1, so no need to combine these two.

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    Tamil new year is celebrated at chittirai (april-may). this new year falls on april 14th every year. this day is celebrated as tamil puthandu or varusha pirappu.Many people get their houses painted to mark the renewal of life. Ladies adorn their houses with fresh mango leaves and Kolam (rangoli)designs. Sometimes, a decorated lamp kuthuvillakku is placed in the center of colorful Kolam to bring light to the house.
    In Tamil Nadu, people follow some strict rituals in a belief to ensure well-being and prosperity of their families. The most popular tradition is to view Kanni at dawn with a hope to bring good luck.

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    In ancient days, Tamil New Year was celebrated on Thai first day. Thats why we have a proverb "Thai Piranthal Vazhi Pirakkum". In later days, It has been changed to Chitirai first day because of Sanskrit and Ariya domination on Dravidians.

    As far as I know, Tamil Nadu Government didn't take this decision immediately. There was a lot of discussion among the Tamil Scholars for the past 60 years and they had come to conclusion that Thai first day is the Tamil New Year. After that only TN Government brought the law in Assembly.

    Ask when is puthandu in village grandma and grandpas. They will tell Thai first day only. I have experienced this in my home town. Even I have argued them that Chitirai first day is new year not Thai first day. but they didn't agree.

    I also felt that one holiday was missing but thanks to Ambedkar. He saved our holiday.

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    Bala: i do agree with wha tyou say but the poll is regarding tamizh new year not the general new year.

    Suresh sir: thai pirandal vazhi pirakkum ,eams they harvest in that month and they get their earnings at that time.

    And my reply to this would be chithirai 1. This has been followed by our ancestors since ages.Just because our CM says History will not lose its value. Thai thirunaal is harvest festival which was mainly for farmers since India is an agriculture based nation and Chithirai thirunaal is common to all and according to Tamil calender our year starts from that day which falls on april 14th(as per global calender.) I feel there is no necessity for accepting globally accepted day in this issue because this calender was written by us,for us and to us.


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