Hon'ble Justice Mr.P.Sathasivam of Tamil Nadu became Chief Justice of India

Dear Friends,

Hon'ble Justice Mr.P.Sathasivam who was born in Erode district of Tamil Nadu now became the 40th Chief Justice of the supreme Court of India (JCI). He took an oath in the name of God in front of the Hon'ble President of India on yesterday (19.07. 2013)at Rashtrapathy Bhavan, New Delhi. The Prime Minister of India, Union and cabinet Ministers, Vice president of India and various judges from various states have participated in the oath ceremony function. This highest post of India was given to him for his remarkable work. This entire credit is not only form and it is common for all people of Tamil Nadu.

So, We are all convey our best wishes to him for his new great assignment and we will pray the god for good completion of his service.

With Regards,