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    Thank you Kranthi Kiran and Mangala

    Hi Kranthi

    Posting articles on Tamilspider has become my favorite hobby now. I have joined TSW only two months back and have 494 points to my credit. I should really thank you and ofcourse Mangala for both your support and encouragement.

    However, I need guidance regarding figure attachment and have also tried aligning tables but they appear as text in the articles and so am removing them in most of my articles.
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    The insertion of figures that is technical called images are allowed in this site and you can insert it via insert image option with user friendly commands.

    As far as tables are concerned these sites are now allowed as table tags will make errors and if you are very confident with other table site options like Tableizer and you can use it with prior approval from our WM or even we may wait for their approval here.


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