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    What do you think about Tamil Semmozhi maanadu

    what you all think about the Tamil Semmozhi Manadu which was held at coimbatore and was spent about 380crores of our tax money??
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    I am really happy to see about the citizen of India watching about how their tax money being utilized by government.

    Direct expenditure for this event was 68 crore. Remaining amount has been utilized for the improvement of Coimbatore's infrastructure.
    North Indian English Channels gave the news like 380 crore spent for the Conference alone. But at the same time they won't talk about 10K Crore which is going to spend for Common wealth Games in New Delhi by Central and Delhi State Governments.

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    I think it was not a necessary thing now as spending 400c for that.This is not the right way to make the Tamil be developed.The Tamil people should be saved to save the Tamil.We have to develop ourselves in all the field.Then Tamil will automatically develop.I did not like that.That was not quality one.

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    Tamil Semmozhi Manadu has sown the seeds of development in the field of our culture, education and job opportunities. This dives me to thank and praise all those who were involved in the celebration of Tamil Semmozhi Manadu.

    It is said that about 380crores of our tax money was spent on mere celebration. This pricks our heart.

    How are we sure that the amount had been spent unproductive? For anything and everything we need money. We have to spend money. Money is a tool that brings about all our dreams come true.

    Through this event the world has come to know the richness of our Tamil culture and the younger generation is going to benefit by the foundation laid by the eminent people who worked day and night to utilize the event for the glorification and dignified life.

    Job opportunities have been created and our hidden treasures were brought to light for everybody to see. How noble it is!

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    tamizh maanadu was definitely not a desperate necessity. spending 100's of crores for was an event to convert all the black money into account 1 money.Instead of speaking about pride of tamizh it would of been worthy if govt had spent this huge amount in improving literacy rate and reducing poverty rate which will be the real pride of the nation

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