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    Chennai Mayor Saidai Draisamy's new plan to get rid of mosquitoes

    Chennai Mayor Saidai Duraisamy had come out with a new plan to get rid of mosquitoes. Distributing Nochi plant is his new idea. Growing Nochi plant at home will help to get rid of mosquitoes. No electric bat, mosquito mat and coils. Easy and a natural way to get rid of them. Nochi is called white chaste tree in English or vitex trifolia.This plant effectively controls mosquitoes. Besides, it also prevents soil erosion. Anyone from village side is familiar with this plant. We have forgotton so much of our natural therapy.

    Start planting this Nochi at home and see the difference
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    Even at Chennai I have seen this in plenty about 25 years back and as we forget the natural and lost in the name of development of a metropolitan city with apartments, roads, traffic, bridges we are suffering from many diseases in the way of mosquitoes.

    At least now he has come with this idea but where is the place to grow.


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