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    TSR is introducing new revenue sharing program

    Hi all,

    By this announcement, we already have the Google adsense revenue sharing program with Tamilspider. Now, another revenue sharing program called Kontera is introduced with Tamilspider today.

    Benefits of Kontera ads

    You would have noticed some words of TSR have been blue color double underlined. These words are the key for your Kontera adsense revenue sharing earnings. When any visitor through Google clicks those blue color words, your profile will be paid in dollars.

    How to apply for Kontera revenue sharing program

    If your profile has enough quality contents, then,

    Go to and apply for an account.

    When you register, use your TSR profile page url as the website url.

    Get the Publisher Id from your Kontera account.

    To find your Kontera Publisher Id, login to your Kontera account, go to the tab "ContentLink Setup" and look at the generated tag. You can find the publisher id from the 4th line in the tag. It will be a 5 or 6 digit number.

    Provide your Kontera Id in the page

    If you enter the value 0, the Kontera Ad will be disabled in your content pages.

    If you leave it blank, you can use your own Kontera Ads. So, if you do want to use Kontera Ads, you may enter 0 to disable showing even our own Kontera Ads.

    Save the value and Kontera Ads will start appearing in your pages.

    Feel free to contact me for suggestions and queries about Tamilspider. My id is,
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    Hai Shankar
    I have noticed yesterday itself that the words blue color double underlined,I thought it is Kontera adsense revenue sharing , yes I am Right.


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    wow.. sounds good

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    Hello Shankar Ganesh
    Webmaster, TamilSpider

    I already had a Kontera ID. Now, following this announcement, I have associated my Kontera ID with TamilSpider and the in-text advertisements are appearing properly as they should appear. And the best thing is, I have already got a couple of clicks from my resources in TamilSpider! I cannot disclose the details for this is against the policies of Kontera; but in brief, I have received those clicks from my resources on Anuradha Ramanan and attaching images to TamilSpider.

    I am positively looking forward to write more and more resources in TamilSpider, optimized for Kontera at the same time, so that the number of page impressions as well as my earnings can increase. I hope I will earn a considerable Kontera revenue from my resources on TamilSpider. What are you thinking of, friends? Just rush to get your Kontera ID.


    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

    Kumaraditya Sarkar
    Site Co-ordinator, SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Surprising CTR, CPC and eCPM in Punjabspider!

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