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    Can we post social issues in tamil spider?

    Why don't we have a separate entity in tamil spider where we can post social issues. Tamil spider being a social networking site, it wold be fine if we discuss problems within our locality. There are too many problems within everyone's locality where we can't find a solution. Posting such problems in our site may help create social awareness.
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    Hello mam,
    You can post social issues of Tamil Nadu in this site. Tamil Spider is well active on the year 2012, suddenly our users are gone. If you post any interesting social issues surely there will be many members to discuss with you. Start posting the social issue that you face in your region. You can post in forum itself. Surely many will face the problem and your questions/answers will be useful to others.

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    Hello Venkat
    Your response for this post was really encouraging. There are so many social issues to be discussed in and around Tamilnadu. Every locality in TN faces so may problems. But as you said, Tamil Spider seems to be less active. The users should actively engage in themselves in posting articles, forums, and be interactive with each other by posting thier responses. Tamil Spider's users are mostly youngsters and so their opinions and postings matters a lot. Youth can change anything. It all depends if they start thinking about what is happening around them. I will start posting social issues centering around my locality.

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    Mostly these spiders are concentrating much on articles and in turn with adsense revenue etc make members to be only on articles and forum has no takers and therefore live discussion is missing and hardly we may get responses then and there as like saying in Tamil 'Aadikku oru naal amaavasaikku oru naal'.

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