Panguni Uttiram in Tamilnadu

Do you want to know what is Panguni Uttiram? Read this article to know about Panguni Uttiram, when does it fall, why it is celebrated, and how is it celebrated. Tamil Hindus all over the world celebrate Panguni Uttiram with great devotion.

Panguni Uttiram - When does it fall?

It occurs on the full moon day of the twelfth month (Panguni) in the tamil calendar. It will be the Uttiram natchatiram on that day.

Panguni Uttiram Significance

Devotees can see both Lord Shiva and Vishnu in their Kalyana Kolam
• Lord Siva married Parvathi on this day
• Lord Murugan and Deivanai got married on this day
• Andal also got married on panguni uttiram
• Lord Rama and Sita's marriage too falls on this day.
• Mahalakshmi Jayanthi and Gowri kalyanam also falls on this day
• Lord Iyappan also incarnated on this day.

Panguni Uttiram celebrations in Tamilnadu

On this day, all Murugan temples are crowded with devotees in Tamilnadu. Devotees carry kavadi for Lord Muruga. Various temples in and around tamilnadu celebrates this day with great devotion.Palani Murugan koil celebrates the Thirukalyanam and therottam.