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    Climate Change Due to Global Warming – The World Is Slowly Drowning: India at its Risk

    Researchers have warned that the world is drowning at a depth of 1.5 mm for every decade (data showed that it happened in the past 4 decades). This is the main reason why even small cyclones bring the sea water into the shore.
    In countries such as France and China, people don't use motor vehicles for travelling a shorter distance. Interestingly, they use cycles. Remember France is famous for its "Tour de France". Much of the carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and greenhouse gases are emitted from the motor vehicles.
    In India, the use of motor vehicles has increased to a tremendous extent in the recent years. Will people start thinking about the use of bicycles to reduce global warming? The responsibility lies within each and every one of us to provide a pollution-free and a safer environment for our future generations.
    Come on India!!! Wake Up!!!Let us Stop Global Warming!!!
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    In one book I read that emission of carbon di oxide is not responsible for global warming. Global warming has been started before the evolution of human. Some research says that global warming is caused due to the Sun. But many says that global warming is caused mainly due to emission of Co2. Lets think, human breath oxygen and releases Co2. So how Co2 will be responsible for global warming? This is the way they have phrased in that book. What you think about it? Is it confusing?

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    I heard in Gyan vani about a brief discussion on global warming and surprised to noted the contents that global warming are caused mainly by the developed countries and they put the threat on developing countries. We with the half baked information confusing by them but at the same time go green is a good welcome sign.

    The advent of modern technologies like net making people unnecessary fear.


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