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The kitchen is a place where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are prepared by moms with love, care, and affection. Is that all? Are they prepared together with germs and bacteria? How often we have checked whether the cooking area is clean and safe.
Here are some useful tips for all home makers to keep your kitchen safe and clean

Clean storage containers

Wash all storage containers every month before filling them with new provisions. Dry the storage containers in the sunlight and then fill them with the new provisions for the month. It is advisable not to store more provisions in your kitchen. You may invite all the germs by yourselves. Buy whatever is needed for a month. Make sure that your kitchen gets enough sunlight.

Clean stoves and sinks

After cooking your meal, it is advisable to clean your stoves daily. Use "cif" for cleaning. It works better on tough oil stains. Your sink is a host of so many microorganisms. Don't forget to clean them. Clean the sink with a disinfectant. Of course your kitchen taps need cleaning too.

Cleaning towels and sponges

Wash your hands before and after cooking. Your kitchen towels need to be cleaned and dried in sunlight. Use sponges to remove the water on the kitchen slabs. They absorb the water and are easy to clean too.

How hygienic is your fridge?

Clean your fridge regularly (at least twice in a day). Don't keep unwanted waste food items in your fridge. Prepare enough food for the family. If leftover is there, give it to the needy. Don't dump your fridge with lots of fruits and vegetables. Buy whatever is needed. The leftover vegetables can be used as a nutrient for your plants.

Kitchen Dustbins

Dustbins in the kitchen are the place where germs start to grow. Maintain two different s=dustbins in your kitchen. Let the dustbin be filled with a plastic cover. Use one dustbin for the dried kitchen wastes such as the used bottles, milk covers, oil covers, used cans, plastic bottles. The other one would be for wet kitchen wastes such as the vegetable peels, leftover food, which can be reused by using it as a nutrient in the garden. Disinfect your kitchen dustbins daily.

Miscellaneous Tips

• Your chopping board needs regular cleaning too.
• Don't use wet kitchen towels to wipe the kitchen surface.
• Take some extra care to maintain two different dustbins in your kitchen.
• Don't dump your kitchen with too many items.
• Your kitchen should get adequate amount of sunlight