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    Towards making a greener and eco-friendly environment

    Nowadays living in flats and apartments have become a common lifestyle. People just go home after their busy schedule at the end of the day to sleep. They have no time to spend even within their family members.They are too tensed with their lifestyle.

    Just start by planting a small plant in a pot at your balcony. If there is enough space, we can start up with a small garden. Looking at the green and colored flowers early in the morning gives peace and relaxation.

    Plants are a greater attraction for butterflies and birds. Sparrows, which were once a common little bird found everywhere,have stopped visiting us. Its high time we have to start developing an eco-friendly environment within us.

    Join with me and wait for more updates and suggestions in making your home a SWEET HOME.
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    Hi Lekha,

    First of all I welcome you to TSR. The forum thread you have created shows your love to plants and environment. It is really agood idea and I will also try to make a small garden.

    Hope to see more posts by you in TSR.


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