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    Earned more than 25$ yesterday from Google Adsense

    I Earned more than 25$ yesterday from Google Adsense. I posted an article Karthigai-Deepam-Festival-Schedule 2012 for which there was lots of viewers and my adsense revenue crossed 25$ in just one day.

    I joined the site on March 2011 and I was regularly posting articles I just remember the tamil proverb "Siruthuli peruvellam" I posted articles out of my own interest and I didn't expect much and my adsense was also just 1/2 to 1$ daily but nowadays whether I post resource or not I am getting earnings and I receive cheques regularly.

    Thanks to Tamilspider and our webmaster Kranthi kiran without whom I would not have earned more.
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    Congrats Madam. You have posted the article on the hour of the need and so it fetched.

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    Hello Mangala,

    Congratulations on your achievement of getting 25USD from Google Adsense in a day. This is great news and inspiration for the new members who would like to work on our site.I am really impressed with your hard work and a remarkable contribution to TSR. I personally feel it is a great inspiration to every member in this site who has just started to earn and also to core group. Really the hard work and patience are main key factors to earn such a reward. Earnings from Google is enough to prove you have regular connectivity and quality contribution in TSR because as we know Google adsense is all about traffic and quality content.

    Keep continuing with the same spirit and enthusiasm and don't forget to share such kind of happiness with the members. Hope many more such news come in future!

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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    Hi Kranthi,

    Thank you for your support and encouragement. It is really great to have a webmaster like you.

    I came to know about this site from my husband Rajesh who is also a member of TSR. He always helps me and gives me ideas for posting resources.

    I want to share a few things to the newbies of TSR. I joined the site just for spending my leisure hours in a useful manner. First I started posting recipes then started posting articles related to education, admissions, new courses, colleges, etc. I created two groups in facebook and lots of viewers were there. Many students started asking doubts regarding courses, admssions and results. I got lots of appreciations for my articles in my personal mail.

    I posted some useful articles about paying electricity bills online, phone bills, employment exchange registration online for which there were lots of viewers. I just spend 2 or 3 hours daily and I am very much interested in posting resources than watching serials.

    Thank you TSR.


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