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    SEO updation by Google

    Hello All,
    I got a information from several SEO experts (Mr.Sanjeev) of Spider Networks to not to use Keywords in Headings. So far we have used keywords in our heading and I request you to avoid this here after. Google has now updated their algorithm. Using keywords in heading will spoil your visitors and website ranking.

    Example: Think you are writing a resource about Tamilnadu

    Your heading should be Festival not as "Tamilnadu Festivals"

    Also avoid using bold for keywords instead use bold letters for reading friendly. So far we used bold html tag for SEO optimization, here after use bold letters ONLY for making the information clear.

    Got it. Any doubts post as response.
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    I think there is some miscommunication. There is nothing wrong in using keywords in title. What we need to avoid is, abusing it by using unwanted keywords and excessive keywords. If you are writing about festivals in Tamilnadu, you should include those words in the title.

    We discourage making some words in bold, italics etc. Let us focus on user and not on Google. That is what Google suggests!

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    As a SEO Analyst if we use keyword in title we will get more traffic in search engine.. Your information in totally wrong..

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    Sorry guys its not heading but Sub-Heading. There is no need of using keyword in Sub-Heading.

    Is this agreeable or not?

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