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    KNPP - Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant

    Govt claims in the Supreme Court that all the safety measures are taken covering point 1, 2 and 3
    1. Safety measures - Operational & Functional
    2. Spent fuel disposal
    3. Natural disaster & attacks
    4. External threats

    I guess, Point#4 External threats are not analyzed properly for a mitigation

    Geographically, KNPP is very closure to Srilanka. There is a hue and cry across India that China is setting-up a Naval/Military base in Srilanka. It is evident that past few years our fishermen are getting beaten-up and killed in so many incidents without any remedial actions from central Govt

    The Atomic Power plant can become a potential Atom Bomb under war attacks. In order to mitigate and prevent such events, it is vital for the Indian Govt for setting-up a Naval base station in the Kutch island

    The proposed mitigation for the External Threats could be,

    1. Kutch island has to be taken back from Srilanka
    2. Setting-up a Naval base in the Kutch island to protect KNPP as well as Indian fishermen

    I am not sure, why no one (Naam Thamilar or VaiKo or Dr or Siruthai) is raising this External Threats, it has an increased probability which is multi-folded in the recent few years
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    In India there is no safety and maintenance in all public services (Including Hospitals and Education). All politicians are corruptions.. So we cant assure 100% safety in nuclear power plant.. It is very dangerous for next generation. It will surely affect the whole Tamil Nadu one day. So why we need to allow it....

    In India politicians and big business mans are all the real Citizens...

    If they think Koodankulam is very safety, replace the Sattamandram and Nadalamandram near kudankulam..

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    Thought provoking thread and sure it should strike the minds of higher authorities as well as social activists if not politicians as we can not believe them as they are only for their own cause. If some politicians are doing something also afterwards seen for some self motives to their parties or families behind.

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