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    Appropriate solution for power-cut?

    Which one of this can we use during power-cut,

    1.Using UPS
    2.through Solar
    3.Using Petrol/Kerosene Generator

    Please discuss
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    1.Using UPS - Affordable, low running cost but after 3~4 years you have to reinvest for the Batteries. This solution will not work if the power cut is more than 3~4 hours continuously, starts automatically

    2.through Solar - At present, cost is very high hence not advisable

    3.Using Petrol/Kerosene Generator - Initial investment is double when compared with UPS, running cost is high, long life, can work continuously as long as fuel is available, can be easily shifted from one place to another, you have to manually start

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    Now the government is giving subsidies for solar and also for green energy resources, solar is all time good.

    With subsidy, if one can invest about 2 lakhs one time expenditure, then there is no additional cost for longer period. If one can invest 21,000 it will serve for atleast two lights, one fan according to the recent news item in newspapers.


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