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    Need Suggestions - Member of Week or Member of Day or Partnership share - Select any two

    Hello everyone!
    I need suggestions to continue any 2 of the following

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    Hi members,

    This is my personal point of view related towards the suggestions for MOD and MOW awards.

    Case:1 Suppose a member has contributed few sets of articles but could not reach the level of MOD it disappoints him but if the same member still contributes till the week end it keeps up adding his points and that can let him with a chance to win MOW.

    Answer: ??????

    Case:2 MOW earns only 150 per week but if a member works hard and contribute for the week then through MOD he can get with 350 and if not at least 200 which would be greater than MOW so i feel this may be the reason for members selecting MOD.

    Answer: ??????

    My Vote:

    Partnership Share and MOW

    Members and Experts this is only my personal views and opinions and who ever read this forum please feel free to add up with more points and your personal suggestions towards the benefits of the members and growth of the site.

    Looking forward for more reply's....

    S.Naina Khan
    Think Different Act Different

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    Hello Kranthi,
    It is definitely a nice thing to ask for the suggestion of the members before taking a decision here at TSR. This shows the importance that the site shows or its members.
    Now let me come to the point of what have to be selected out of the three as all the three are not possible. here is my option

    Partnership share
    I think it is the activity which should not be removed as this is the one that provides more scope for the people who are contributing little in the site. If this is removed most of the people who are contributing their valuable small time here would leave the site that could go the other way as only the top contributors would be there with the site.

    Member of the week
    Though our esteemed member Naina Khan said that it is needed with some valuable points. I think that the Member of the week can attract only the older members of the site and the new member would find it very difficult to score 250+ points and not only this, There would be only the same members who are getting the award and so I think that Member of the week is Okay but it cannot be very much successful.

    Member of the Day
    It think it is the thing which the site is known for and it has attracted many members in the past. The MOD is the award that is focusing on the short term and so most of the members would give a try for this award.

    My decision
    I would go with Member of the day and Partnership share.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    Partnership share is the best award and it should not be removed. I am not interested in both MOD and MOW. We should think about other award like article writing contest.

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    It seems that you have decided to scrap one program permanently and if so, please scrap MOD as members may need more time to prepare themselves to contribute here in a consistent manner.
    Regards -
    Lakshmi S

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    It feels good that the site management is asking the members for the ideas to improve the site. According to me, Partnership Share and Member of the Day award should not be removed from the site as it attract a number of members from other sites too, to contribute in TSR. Personally,i fetch toward this spider site because of MOD, as no other site(in my knowledge) is providing this advantage to learn as well as earn more through online work. So, it will be beneficial for the site to stay pinned with these two awards.
    Kirtika Sharma

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