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    Time for Action-Importance of Road safety

    Traffic Police, CCTV Cameras at vantage points, spot fine system, etc., all these are good but not good enough, as the number of accidents and deaths on the road go on increasing -our duty for immediate action to reduce the accidents and to save lives. what is the solution?
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    Hello Vijayakala,
    I think the road accidents are the things that are gradually rising over the period of time. We have been facing many road accidents in some places regularly and one of such place is Tambaram where accidents occur more frequently. There are arrangements made in order to stop the things and the government has planned to fix many CCTV to avoid such accidents. I dont think that we can stop the accidents by CCTV as this can only give the post accident solutions like finding how the accident occurred, what went wrong etc., I think that we can stop the thing only by having additional traffic polices who are watched by the CCTV cameras. I think all the drivers should be imposed to fix a Speed controller in their vehicles and all the vehicles should be imposed of a thorough check then and there which should be of a lesser period of time like a year or so.

    Sudhan A

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