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    Crossing of cat considered bad oman..whats your view

    Please share your experience here on this topic

    K Mohan
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    "Crossing of cat considered as bad Omen"

    It's absolutely ridiculous. People should never fall for such beliefs.

    Such thoughts strongly affect the minds and actions of people.

    When a person starts from his home or any place and there is a cat crossing him, here is where his total mind and thoughts are completely collapsed.

    His positive thoughts are spontaneously converted into negative ones.
    And that's it. His whole day will be ruined.

    Such a kind of thoughts are always bad. None should beleive them.

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    Thanks Chandrasekhar for responding.

    Our elders are used to believe this omen and they passed this legacy to us. And we cannot just say that rubbish.

    Under what proof you are standing on your observation.

    Please share with us.

    K Mohan

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    the crossing of cat considered as bad omen is fully wrong way of belief. by believing this no one is failure in their it is a rumour spreaded by our elders if you are believe in this means why people feed cat as a pet this is my suggession don't mistake me brother if i injure you means i am really sorry

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    Hello guru.

    Thanks for the post.

    We just cannot disregard the past tradition and procedures followd by the elders.

    When elders say something there must be meeaning.

    See dogs and cats are pets and i too love them.

    But what we are discussing that if a cat crosses the work for which we are going suffers.

    And this was proved many times in my life too.

    So dont just criticise our old practices like that.

    K Mohan

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    This particular thing is called as the mooda nambikkai by some people and but some people believe that there is something that will happen if the cat crosses when we walk by or in front of us. These were followed by some of the old people and the youngsters does not analyze the reason and they too just follow it for their benifit. For god sake these things should not be encouraged. The awareness should be created among the public regarding this issue. Not only this but there are also many other things that are happening . People used to think those things also as bad Omen. This is definitely a great mistake by the humans in believing those things.

    Thanks & Regards
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    When elders say something, there is always some meaning in it.

    I do agree with this statement.

    People always know what is good and what is bad. They never think about what could bring them good and what could bring them bad.

    "Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts. Thoughts turn into actions" - Anonymous.

    Consider a situation. A student prepares a lot for his exams till eleventh minute. He leaves his home. His mind is full of positive hopes. Cat crosses him. Younger sister nearby says, "Crossing of cat considered as bad Omen and so you will fail". Student partially beleieves. Finally, one single negative thought completly ruins his mind and now his mind is filled with negative thoughts. Ultimately, he fails.

    Now, whom shall we blame? Cat or Younger Sister or The Student?

    I would blame only the student. He should have never beleived it.

    Elders of ours must have seen similar incidents like this and made the assumption "Crossing of cat is a bad Omen".

    I cannot prove that this is wrong and so, no one else can prove that this is correct.

    When a sales person says that his product is reliable and worth every penny, we people don't believe them.

    We people discuss, interact, check with other people about this product before falling into a final conclusion.

    When we people can do this kind of checking out in products, why are they not checking out the belives made by our elders.

    People always thinks and talks about only negative things that has happened to them.

    Is there any people who says, my works were successful since a cat crossed me?


    Some other belief are as follows.

    * If you see donkeys, it will bring luck to you.

    * When crows cawks outside our house, we believe some guests are going to come.

    * Seeing a death patrol while going somewhere brings success.

    All I say is that, before beleiving something, just ask yourself the following questions.

    * Why should i believe?

    * What if i beleive?

    * What if i not beleive?

    Do this. Nobody can stop you.

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    Chandrasekhar it seems you got agitated and that can be seen in your post.

    Good that you took my poser in right spirit and replied with great care and meaning.

    Well thats your way of thinking and i appreciate it.

    March ahead.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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