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    Marriage between blood relatives common in Tamilnadu

    Marriage between blood relatives is a very common culture followed in Tamilnadu. Though the people have developed in computers, industries, etc. we can see that many families seek a bride or a groom within their families that too very close relatives.

    Though many awareness programs have created they still practice this till now. Many of the genetically inherited diseases and disorders such as color blindness, hemophilia, Diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, cancer will affect the next generation when they marry within close blood relatives.

    Still people think that "A known devil is better than an unknown angel"

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    Hello Mam,
    I think it is one important thing to discuss. I have also come across these things that were followed in our family also. I think that marriage within the family is not a new thing that has came just now. It was the way the people used to live in the past and I dont think there was any problem in that before. Though the scientists have proved that the intercaste marriage or marriage inside the family is not good, I cannot accept the fact and I think even there are families that are leading a happy life after getting married in their own family.
    we cannot say that the marriage within our blood relations may be dangerous, though it is a fact according to science it is not that much effective when it comes to real life of human beings.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    Though the awareness is spread to all, people do because of the following reasons.

    1. to built relationship strong
    2. to keep the wealth within the family
    3. known family so that it is easy when a problem arises later

    While coming to whether good or bad it depends on the blood group of people also and genetic disorders.


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    Consanguinity used to be a common practice mostly in villages. Nowadays, our younger generation have come out of all these. People within a family are not staying together. Each one is placed in different locations and they have become too professionalistic. Love marriages are more common in these times. So I will not agree that marriage between blood relatives is a very common culture followed in Tamilnadu. Younger generation are very specific when it comes to deciding a life partner. And moreover all are educated and they know the risks of consanguineous marriage.

    Educated India is a better India.

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