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    Are hospitals making money from unneccessary operations?

    Hospitals make money by doing unneccessary operations. Yes this is true. In many hospitals normal delivery is converted into caesarean deliveries because the latter costs more than the former.

    The patients are asked to take lots of blood analysis and scans so that they get money.

    The Intensive care unit is the best money maker for the hospitals. They charge more than Rs. 10,000 for a day. Onca a patient enters the ICU he has to spend several lakhs and all his hard earned money will vanish.

    This is what is happening in many of the hospitals in Tamilnadu.
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    Hello Mam,
    I would certainly oppose your statement in this regards mam. I think that though the hospitals are aiming to get money on a large scale from the patients they don't go for these types of things as their goodwill would be lost if someone comes to know about that. There may be some hospitals here and there that are doing like this but not all or most of them. I think that the Hospitals in Tamil Nadu are doing well and I did my summer project in one of the leading hospitals and So I would say that Hospitals don't do such things often. It may be the policy of one or two doctors who have a clinic with them and like to get maximum out of the patients.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    I feel this is in every body's mind that doctors are taking money and doing unnecessary operations. But it is not so. Earlier, especially women do all kinds of work under the direct sunlight that at the back yard of house. Now in the modern society, women are rare to get into the sun light as the houses are like flats and no back yards. Sun light is the the only source of vitamin D which is very much essential in the development of pelvis bone for girls. This make the pregnancy a problematic and ultimately we blame the doctors for c section. At least we should thank the advancement in medical technology that c section is available to get the baby born.

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    Its better to stay healthy by eating natural foods like fruits and vegetables. Meditation will repel you from diseases.

    From our view we think doctors charge us more. But the truth is the equipment cost is more. For a blood test, some chemicals are added to find the result. Lab technicians can't do it accurately so they make two or three attempts. This results in huge cost.

    Operation is also similar to that. Several things should be considered while doing a operation. While giving protection to the whole body it costs you more.

    "Healthy life is a Wealthy life".

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