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    Do you believe that doing homam is the best solution?

    Homams are done in many temples and in individual houses. For example Ganapathy homam, Navagraha homam, etc. Many people in Tamilnadu believe that by doing the homams their life will be saved and there will be a change in their life.

    Some business people even spend lakhs of money for doing the homams. What is more irritating is that they just throw silk sarees, cashewnuts, milk, etc., and etc. in the fire.

    I have a belief in God. Doing homams will create a positive thought. We will go to a higher grade due to our hardwork but I think instead of throwing this in fire we can give the milk to the kids in poverty.

    Feel free to express your views.
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    Yes Madam.

    These beliefs are there in our customs.

    I too not agree with the kind of wastage in homams. But in the name of astrology people are recommending and exploiting money from people. Instead these can be given to the poor and needy.


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