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    Importance of Nature

    The panchaboothangal are water,land,fire,air,sky.
    In panchaboothangal,Which is very very important...
    Which plays the most vital role?
    Which is helpful for us to live?
    Without which we cannnot imagine our life?
    If all these five are not found in future, what happens?
    Does human activities affect these five?
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    Good question.

    Panchaboothangal are all important to mankind.

    But water is playing pivitol role.

    Just for sharing water we have gone to courts, strained relations with neibours.

    Water is the life line of any state.

    And as said by APJ Abdul Kalam, lets unite rivers first to avoid future disputes.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    This is a nice topic to discuss on. Most of us will consider that the water is the most important of all the other Pancha bhoothams. But it is not true. Mohan told that we cant survive with water because it plays a Pivitol role. But i can tell you one thing. Without water you can survive for hours but without breathing you cannot survive for even a minute. But we will leave the air part. Now lets come to the land part. If we dont have land to live how can we survive. So land also becomes equally important. Sky is the next important factor. Without sky the human life cannot be imagined. The Sky helps in protecting the earth surface from radiations and rays.

    So it should be said that all the 5 Bhoothams are important for the survival of the human being in the earth surface. The human body is also associated with all the pancha bhoothams.

    Thanks & Regards
    S. Balasubramanian
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    Hello Bala

    I appreciate your support for Katru or wind.

    That is invisible and available in plenty and there is no quarrel for that ever.

    But water is always sought and its shortage creates a havoc.

    K Mohan

    Theeinal Sutta Punn Arumay...Aaradhey Naavinaal Sutta Vadu...

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    Land, Water, Fire, Air, Sky.

    All are unique. None can fix priority among these 5 forces of nature.

    All are required for the survival of Human beings.

    All of them commonly and equally help us in day today life.

    Let us consider, there is no land. That means no soil and no vegetation. No food and wood. We can't even build boat houses.

    Let us consider, there is no water. That will leads us to complete drought. Ultimately humans will start hunting themselves for the thirst.

    There is no air. None will survive.

    There is no sky. Massive global warming. Earth will be doomed soon.

    There is no fire. It literally means that, there is no sun. A major source of energy to Earth. No Life will exist.

    Humans have the tendency of exploiting everything that comes in his way.

    Humans always pollute the air, water, land, sky.

    We humans are using these elements in day to day life and finally we betray them by exploting and polluting them.

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    The importance of nature is quite obvious,

    It holds living organisms and is the home of many,

    without it the world doesn't look beautiful,

    that is the importance of nature.

    the entire lives depends on these five air,water,land,sky, fire.

    we all know the purpose of all these five major elements of our life.
    in that we couldn't say this is better than that.
    we people inspite of knowing all the helpfull needs of these elements we still destroy our environment.

    we waste them, pollute them, we are the cause of producing most of the damages to the nature and we produce more diseases and we spoil the natural existence.

    the water is very essential but we waste water by taking bath in showers, swimming pools, this is a very beginning of wastage.

    we spoil the air by exhausting too much of cfc's. do we live without aircondition. this s the very beginning of polluting. we smoke, use refrigerators,vehicle exhaust,.... we are addicted to it. but we really really pollute.

    we slowly but gradually spoil our nature and this doesn't affect us but plz think it of that it surely going to affect our grand daughters and sons.
    try to minimize using machines. try to reduce global warming.
    we watch many movies, news, videos about global warming but still we help increasing the earth temperature.

    many empty lands should be converted to agricultural lands. but now a days many malls, IT parks, exhibitions, shopping complex, exiting entertainment worlds, are constructed.

    plz try to grow as many plants u can. so that may be a very very small help that we do to our mother earth.
    let us be aware of our nature to be natural.

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