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    Are Punch Dialogues neccessary for the success of the film?

    Do you think Punch Dialogues are neccessary for the success of the film?

    Nowadays all the films comes up with lots of punch dialogues. We can hear lots of whistles from the audience when the hero gives the punch dialogue. They thus play a vital role but in some films this does not suit.

    Punch dialogues suits well only for the top heroes and sometimes we get irritated to see this with heroes like Simbu and Danush. Even the new heroes give the punch dialogues.

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    I don't think that the Punch is important for the movies success. The success of the movie lies in the story and not the punches. There are many movies that had good punch but yet was a flop and on the other hand there are movies that don't have punch and are winning the race in Tamil Cinema Industry. Though punch is not necessary for the success of the movie the people tend to remember the punch dialogues for teasing others and to show their guts in real life. Punch is one of the important things that could earn a name to the movie but not the success.
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    The punch dialogues may be included in the Tamil films based on the necessity of that use. It is not necessary for all kind of Tamil films and for all kind of Heroes. The situation is most important for the punch dialogues. Nowadays, The unnecessary and more number of punch dialogues are placed in the Tamil Cinema industry. It will create bad impression and also it irritates the people.

    So, the Director of the films has to decide what type of punch dialogues is best for which type of films and based on the heroes of that film.

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