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    Are Nightclubs going to spoil our Tamil Culture and traditions

    Tamilnadu has got lots of historical and traditional temples and tourist places. The state has developed a lot with lots of IT companies, BPO's, etc. Though the development in these fields makes us happy the other side is going out of our culture.

    Today the nightclubs and discotheques have increased in numbers and I think our younger generation are going to be spoilt. All the typical tamil families will never like this type of cultures. Though only a small number of of the tamil folk go to these places it will gradually start to increase and it is going to spoil our younger generation.

    Are Nightclubs necessary to the society?

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    I think that the Night clubs are definitely spoiling our tradition. We Indians mostly the Tamilians are known for the culture and tradition we follow in our state. I think that we should give more importance to the tradition of our region that has been followed for many years. On the other hand though the westernization has brought something good to our economy like Industries. It has been successful in changing us from our track. It is only in fancy dress competitions that we are following our tradition as of older times. Discotheque was once not there in our country but it has been here for only some years in the past and it has had some Ill effects in our country.
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    Tamil culture is already spoiled and this leads to the construction of Nightclubs. Culture get spoiled due to some people who were in hunger of money. They enter our nation by the name "DEVELOPMENT". But we think only big buildings were development. This makes us to confuse whether to go after tradition or development.

    Women safety is much less in Tamilnadu. This nightclubs will be dangerous to women in society. Everything is fine if it doesn't cause problem to other.

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    The nightclubs and discotheques are not good for the ancient culture and tradition of Tamil Nadu. This type of clubs will definitely spoil the younger generations and it's growth is more dangerous for the students community. Because, they will be attracted easily by this type of clubs.

    Further, The IT companies are giving more salary to the young guys those who are working there. These guys are going to night clubs to spend the excess money that they have. This is the main reason for increasing the night clubs. So, We the parents and family members should educate the younger generations about their future life and we have also to create awareness among bad culture of those nightclubs and discotheques.

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