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    Violence and cruel mentality increasing in comman people life is it because of MassMedia

    This is the right time to discuss about this, misunderstanding in between the couples and even small kids are very harsh in behavior, stress in common life, increased body problems like High Blood pressure, Diabetes, heart problems etc.,
    all this are due to mass media like TV , News papers, Cinema ? Discuss it.
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    Hello Vijayakala,
    I think it is a true statement made by you. It is definitely a thing to worry as the things that are introduced for the sake of entertainment go on the negative side creating problems to the public. Especially violence and unsuitable adultery scenes are often mixed up in almost all the movies and this causes the problem as sometimes it is reflected in the act of the people outside the theaters too. Most of the TV channels doesn't seem to understand the ill effects that can be raised in account of the violence and harmful scenes in the movies. I think that the cruelness in many are adopted through the television channels and movies only. Hope the certification board takes care of these things before releasing the movies in theaters.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    Hello Friend,

    I agree that your statement is true. Massmedia has become very very horrible. Cinemas are full of violence and the dons and rowdies are portrayed as heroes in films.

    The serials have created a very bad impression about the women in Tamilnadu. Women are portrayed in a very bad manner. For example in all the serials whether in Sun TV or in Vijay Tv or any other TV shows a sister-in-law mixing poison in milk to her brother's wife. This has become very common. We can see many villis in the tamil serials who wear lots of costumes and they spoil the tamil cultures name.


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