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    Violence and cruel mentality increasing in comman people life is it because of MassMedia

    This is the right time to discuss about this, misunderstanding in between the couples and even small kids are very harsh in behavior, stress in common life, increased body problems like High Blood pressure, Diabetes, heart problems etc.,
    all this are due to mass media like TV , News papers, Cinema ? Discuss it.
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    Hi, By mistake you have posted the same thread twice and I hope the duplicate thread will be removed soon.
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    Lakshmi S

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    Life become more mechanical, media has helped to reduce the birth rate since it occupies the prime time of a family (in some case, most of the time)

    Thanks to DMK for giving fee TV which helps to reduce the birth rate in rural also

    Media is nothing to do with the health problems which is primarily due to food habits and life style changes

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    Though it has direct attachment to health but there is an impact for it. Especially if we take the serials which runs for years to gether with old masala villan style which really one can get bored and indirectly stress attached to mind. A good example is athipookkal in Sun TV where it shows the domestic violence as a big villain in MGR style cinemas and mostly of repetitive nature of scenes.

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