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    The new link for login and register in Tamilspider

    Dear Spiders,

    The link for login and new member registration in our TSR has been updated and the new link for the same is available in top right corner of the TSR website. I hope this new link provision in TSR is more appropriate and easy to locate the place for getting the login area. Once we are getting into our login page in the website and the name of the member will be displayed in the same top right corner for easy navigation. We can get all our account information from the link which is given to our name itself.

    The members of TSR can feel free to share their views regarding the new link updation in the TSR.

    With regards,

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    Very nice step! Now login and regsistration links are placed above the fold which may increase new members towars TSR. Very nice alteration from developers.

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    Hello Friends,
    I think that it is a welcome step taken by TSR. It is not only available in TSR but is also available in all the sister sites of TSR. It was worked out because there was a case in ISC once where a member just disabled the left bar in the site and the person could not see his details after that. It was corrected only by the web master of the site. Soon Tony sir came up with an idea to place the name and a arrow icon on the top right so that the member can get them easily without any problem. I think it is very easy for a member to locate them and act accordingly. Even when we are logged out there is a specific marquee that states that the log in and the registration icons are at the top right of the site.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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