TESO a boon or ban for the victims

In Politics, nothing works without any pressure from both internal and external.

The TESO fully understand this and taken some collective decisions to pressurize the Srilankan Govt though Indian Govt and other world countries. This seems to be a good steps to turn the Srilankan Govt to fulfill their commitments

At the same time, Going by the historical behavior in the past few decades, Srilankan rulers never done anything favor to the Srilankan Tamils with kind heart-ed. Instead, they always acted cruel with a fox heart-ed and trying to control them

The external pressure always created more vulgar behavior from the Srilankan rulers which has to be considered to protect the interest of Srilankan Tamils living there while pressurizing the Srilankan Rulers through any external forces

No doubt that TESCO has created some impacts in the Srilankan rulers which is evidenced through their statements and behaviors in the past few days. Few immediate aggressive steps from TESCO to mount continues pressure from multiple directions on the Srilankan rulers will only tell the success story of TESCO