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    Newbie Tips for their Success and Earnings in Tamil spider

    1.As an initial startup in the site have a complete glance of page view about Tamil spider along with the list of available menus.

    2.Understand the purpose of each available menu listed in Tamil spider and if required have a look out for sample articles, contents posted under each selection.

    3.As article selection plays a vital role in posting your required resources try to have a complete idea and glance about the list of available article resources types and its categorization.

    4.Each and every article resources section are being subcategorized into different contents so try to recollect it to make you familiar and post your articles under right categories to fetch you with good traffic.

    5.After understanding of articles section as a Newbie next read through Help topics, New members FAQ's, Posting guidelines and forums for the required site and try to recollect and review the list of points learned. To make a note the above said points from various sections may be common but only with a slight difference in different spider sites.

    6.Try to identify the top earners of the site and have a look about their profile and list of their contributions under each section. Soon after your registration with respective site add them to your buddy list for future interactions.

    7.Select few sample articles from different section of the top earners and have an analyze about how they have designed their articles like list of Titles used along with Headings, Sub headings, Tags, Pictures and quality of information provided by them.

    8.There may be different sources for writing you article and make a note of various websites which are more informative and useful as a reference source for your articles. But convert the article into your own words with your design towards your article to be more informative and attractive.

    9.Identify the best source for your article for example like websites, brochures, articles, books and many more and try to segregate the sources of your reference in writing the article to be posted by you.

    10.After identification of various sources for your article try to analyze and identify the type of article under each sections which you are able enough to write.

    11.It is the best to have other resources of information as your reference for your article. But never replicate the same content or be a copy cat. Instead try your own words and your own sentences in framing your article.

    12.Before posting your article during its preparation tenure itself makes a rough draft about the content of the article which you are going to present along with spell check and grammar check if required.

    13.Try to read and understand the posting guidance mentioned and frame your article accordingly by fulfilling its requirement guidance.

    14.Try to use good key words and tags which may fetch you more readers. If required try to have more reference towards key words and tag usage along with SEO techniques.

    15.The Title and Summary given by the writer lets one's to speak about their quality of information provided by them in their article.

    16.Try to use titles and sub titles wherever necessary but try to use only if required and avoid using it more in number.

    17.Try to have necessary required attachment, images and links for your article.

    18.Never try to put the images and links at the start up of an article.

    19.After few days of your journey with the respective site try to engage yourself as an active participating member.

    20.Develop the habit of visiting the site at least for a few minutes in a day based on your timings available.

    21.Participate in various discussion forums and by giving responses towards other articles will fetch you more points and help you in increasing your member level.

    22.Have a look about various available programs and rewards in the site and with your involvement towards its contest will fetch you with points and cash which lets you to increase your member level.

    23.Try to have a look at your score board often which lets you to know about your current status and further progress of improvement in achieving your goal in the site.

    24.Try to have full contribution towards the site with a clear picture about the sites activities and its progress that lets you to promote yourself even as editor and partner for the site.

    25.Do not hesitate and try to share your opinion and suggestion for the development of the sites.

    26.Try to understand the progress and happening of the sites and writing hot informative articles based on different seasons may fetch you with more readers.

    27.Identify different lay out patterns and models in presenting your articles and don't waste even a single source of information which you receive in your hands like pamphlets, brochures and notices as it can also act as your reference for your articles.

    28.Have an idea about SEO techniques and don't hesitate to link your articles in various social networking sites like Face book, Google plus, Twitter, Personal blogs and websites as this helps out to increase the number of readers towards your article and bring in good revenue towards Google adsense.

    29.Try to interact with the webmaster and top earners regularly for your development and growth of the sites. Use every opportunity around you to cross promote your articles.

    I am not an expert and I found these tips might be helpful for all the members of the sites towards an individual contribution and growth of the site. Members don't hesitate and please feel free to share and add up with your own personal points of views as your valuable feedback.

    My Best wishes to all members and experts from different membership levels of Tamil Spider family towards their success for their contribution and winning future in the site.
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    Really, the information which was given by Naina Khan is very useful for the beginners of TSR. The points which are listed in this forum section is really informative to the new users. The new uses of TSR can follow this rules and guidelines to post the articles in the TSR. This tips will help them to improve their performance in the TSR.

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    Great tips! I want to add one more tip from my side.
    Newbies, please don't get confused about SEO at very first step as it might lead you towards wrong use of SEO better known as black hat SEO. Don't focus much on keywords (as panda and penguine updates are being rolled out very frequently). So try to write in your own words without giving much attention towards the word SEO. With time, you will automatically learn how to use SEO. All the best!

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    Hello Naina Khan,
    I thing you have come up with some important tips that would help the freshers of the site. I can see that many are using there advertisements her in the forum section and dont know what is the site all about. I think it is a well written thread which should have been in the Article section that can get some cash credits. I would like to have the article in the top of the forum messages with a important pin so that the freshers can have a look at this before entering the site and trying them out with some rubbish ad's.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    Hi Friend,

    This is really a good article which will help the beginners and the newcomers of the site.
    You have given lots of tips and your effort needs an appreciation.
    I think our webmaster has appreciated with cash credits for this thread.
    Great work friend.


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    Nice work by Naina Khan. Sharing this information may help new user to contribute without fear. Good work.

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    I am a newbie and just found this thread, it is really a great work and made me understand the basics of TSR.

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