A kind attention to the new members of Tamilspider.

Dear New Members of TSR,

The Tamilspider (TSR) is an information sharing and content Posting website. We can find our suitable job position in Tamil Nadu by seeing and searching the jobs posted in TSR only. All the members in TSR are working for posting the content in TSR and get some revenue through their posting of articles. So, As a member of TSR, we can not arrange any job for anybody in Tamil Nadu. The TSR never arrange any jobs to anybody. So, Try yourself by searching the jobs in TSR and apply the same as per the norms that are given in the requirements. We wish to convey our best wishes to all to get suitable job in Tamil Nadu.

The main reason for posting this message in forum section is that I saw one forum message which was posted by one new member on 12th August 2012, in which the member asked to arrange a post in Tamil Nadu. So, The TSR is not a job arranging website and it is also not involved in any job consulting services like some other websites. Hence, the new members of TSR should avoid the posting of this kind of messages in the forum section.

Further I request the senior and old members of TSR to share their views in this regard in the forum section.

With regards,