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    Beautiful hill stations in tamilnadu

    Most of them will consider Ooty as the best hill station. Its right, but being nearer to ooty, cost of room rents, travelling in taxi, traffic jam starting from mettuppalayam, moreover all the picnic spots are crowdy and un clean.

    Kodaikanal hill station is better place.
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    Tamilnadu has got a number of hill stations. Each hill station is unique and attracts a large number of tourists from all around the world. I have been to Kodaikanal twice and I like the place very much I had just heard about the other hill stations but have not been there.
    But I can say that all the hill stations are enjoyable because of the beauty of nature and the unpolluted air which we can breathe in. It makes one to forget the pains of life.
    Enjoy your life by visiting these places because life is just a span.


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    Hello Friends,
    I think we are having many Hill stations in Tamil Nadu, there are lot of people who are coming as tourists in visiting these places. The most important Hill stations in Tamil Nadu are Ooty, Kodaikannal, konor etc., People often visit the first two namely Ooty and Kodaikannal and there are various colleges and schools that tend to take their students to these places for tours. I think these are the perfect locations to tour with your family members. I think Ooty is somewhat clean than Kodaikannal, but in case of Cheap mode Kodaikannal is best.

    Sudhan A

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