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    Difference between Points & cash credits

    In dashboard points and cash credits separately. Is any difference between the both ?
    How many points equals the cash credits ?
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    Dear Friend,

    The points and cash credits are the two counting measures in TSR. The cash credit and points are given to the articles based on the quality and content of the resource. So, these two are separately maintained in the site. The maximum of points will help you to get more revenue share. The points are counted separately for Forum, Articles and Book marks etc. But the money is a cumulative one that are put under the category of cash credit. The pay out will be done if any one has reached the minimum threshold of Rs 1000 every month.

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    Hi Vignesh,
    I think most of information regarding your doubt were cleared by Manoharan sir. I would simply say that the points are those things that would improve your rankings, help you reach higher Membership level ad also help you in getting the revenue shares that are distributed every month to the members having more number of points to their name.
    On the other hand the cash credits are the revenue you earn directly out of your knowledge this is mostly earned in the resource section where you can just give details in the form of essay and earn cash.
    the cash is payable at the start of the month as soon as the member earns 1000 Indian rupees as my friend Manoharan said.

    Sudhan A

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