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    Take care in the online money earnings website

    Dear Members,

    Today, we can see lot of websites are giving assurance for online money earnings. I came to know that many of them are fake and this kind of websites are collecting money from the people in the name of registration. At the time of registration, They are giving assurance like you can earn 50,000.00 per month by internet with little amount of computer knowledge. But really they don't give any jobs to earn by online.

    Some websites are genuine in this online earnings. They are giving some jobs like Paid surveys, Content writing, Forms filling and data entry. So, we have to take care while go for applying to this kind of websites for online money making business.

    With regards,

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    Really, we need to be very selective and active when it comes to make money online. There are hundreds of sites which shows big big dreams but actually they are fake. They only waste our time by giving various surveys and other offers.

    Let me share my own experience. Last month I came across one site which offers paid surveys but after filling and submitting all the columns of the survey they were showing some kind of error. Actually they got their commission but gave me nothing for completing that survey. So I left that site without wasting much time there.

    In all we should be very selective for making money online. All the websites under Spider Network including Tamil Spider are 100% genuine so we should focus here more.

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    Manoharan sir,it's great of you, as you share and advice our fellowmates not to get disappointed with some fake sites and it would be nice of you to share some true money earning sites with your referral link so that our mates to can get a chance to earn more.


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    Hello Manoharan,

    You are true many of the online money earning sites are fake and they do not pay properly. Even some freelancing job companies are there which take up the work but do not pay the employer. These companies should be punished.

    Jobseekers should have the awareness and they must think twice and must also ask advice from the experts before taking in any of the online jobs.


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    Hello Manoharan,
    I think that there are only few sites that are genuine as of now. But most of the sites are on the other side that would let you down. There are many sites that are not genuine in this regard. On-line job sites don't work most of the times and it is only a few sites that are genuine. I know that the Spider network is one of the genuine networks but I don't believe in other networks and I have been involved in one or more such Sites and found that they were not true when I searched their name in the net. I would suggest you members to search the net with the name of the company to find if they are genuine or not.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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