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    The crisis in the facilities of Schools and Colleges in Tamil nadu

    Dear Spiders,

    The infrastructural and transport facilities that are provided by Private Schools and Colleges have became a question mark today. The private educational institutions are collecting huge amount from the students in the name of various fee categories. But, They won't provide enough facilities including the infrastructural and transport facilities.

    A school girl died two days back by dropped in the hole of the school bus. The school buses are not properly maintained and they are not in good condition. The facilities in the schools are also very poor. There no good building and laboratories in many private schools. Some schools doesn't have proper toilets for girls and boys students.

    The TSR members may feel free to share their vies and also may give suggestions in this regards in this forum.

    With regards,

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    Hi Manoharan,

    I agree with your views and I also regret for the incident that happened for a small girl of Zion School. The schools nowadays are becoming very very low in their quality but the fees structure is just increasing. They collect nearly 1 lakh rupee for a preKg seat which includes transport, books, uniform, etc. but they do not maintain the school buses properly lots of kids travel in the bus just standing. Government should conduct an inspection to all the schools and must give proper punishment so that this may never happen in future.


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    Hello Manoharan,
    I think that there are most such problems faced by the students now a days and it happened in our college too once. when the bus was hit by a lorry and it took the life of four students. I remember the college simply said that it was the fault of the driver and it was because the speed controller was not fit in the bus. I think these are the thing that should be inspected then and there by the management. The management is charging some thousands of rupees for the transportation facilities that are not proper too. There are many school bus in which about 70 people from a location travel where only 40 students can get seated and the remaining 30 are asked to adjust. The traffic controllers should be asked to catch such bus and the report should be immediately sent to the police station regarding this and this would stop the accidents happening like those that took away the life of the young girl.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    Hi Friends,

    There is one more sad news, a child got drowned in the swimming pool of one of the very famous and best school in Chennai.

    Is swimming neccessary for a first standard child?

    These news really creates a horror for the parents.

    Let us pray that these should not happen in the future.


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