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    Adsense revenue in Tamilspider

    hi guys,
    Everyone of us could see that there is provision mentioned as Adsense revenue in my profile space.Can anyone say what does it mean?

    Bad Rascal
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    hi Friend.

    I visited you profile page. I could not see an provision for Adsense Revenue in your profile page. Please mention the place where you have that provision or give a link to that page with marked arrow.

    With Regards,


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    hi sir,
    I have highlighted in that in te following screenshot.

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    Hi Siyaram,

    Thank you for your response to my query. I have gone through the highlighted of your screenshot. This Adsense revenue :$0.03 means that the income from google adsense for your content in our TSR website. You can see the earning details in the form of reports on your adsense account page. In the reports, yo can see the page impression and number of clicks details of your content pages in that the page has google adds in it. But, the real income may be different that you can see in your google adsense account by opening your Adsense Gmail Id.

    With regards,


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    Thanks,sir. I'm really confused with the earnings because it is different at different sites . But now totally I'm clear about it.


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    It is always advised to use Google Adsense Official website for checking adsense income. According to me adsense earning shown in TSR or any other spider site is very less than actual. So better to use Google Adsense Official website.

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    Thanks Narender. I'm very much confused to see a very much low amount as my adsense revenue in TSR when compared to my adsense page. But now really i'm relieved of it and would not have anymore sort of confusions.

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