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    Most of the rivers in Tamil Nadu have become a polluted river

    Dear Friends,

    We are all known that the water is very important resource for human beings to live. The rivers are the most important source for providing drinking water to humans in day to day life. The state Tamil Nadu has many rivers which are coming from various states of India. But, Today, The rivers had been polluted by some one.

    The main reasons for polluted rivers are given below

    1. The factories and industries are mixing their wastage into the rivers. These wastage makes the river as polluted one.

    2. The peoples those who are living in the river bans are also mixing their wastage from the houses into the rivers.

    3. The outlet waters like from kitchen, Both rooms and Toilets are also mixed in the river water.

    4. The animals are also take part in the river antipollution by mixing their daily wastage.

    5. Some underwater animals in the rivers also release their wastage and mix them into river to affect the river water.

    How to prevent these pollution and protect river water from unpolluted one

    1. The factories and industries should take care by avoiding the mixtures of wastage into the river water.

    2. The public are also take part in the protection of river water by avoiding
    the mixture of their wastage from houses into river water.

    3. The government should take necessary steps to protect the river water from antipollution.

    4. The technology should be used to recycle the wastage and the factories may be constructed in the place where the river is not flowing.

    The members of TSR can feel free to share their views and may also give more suggestions to protect the river water from antipollution.

    With regards,

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    This is a present day issue of rivers getting polluted at faster rate due the dumping of wastes into it and also allowing sewage water to flow into it. One such impact is in holy places where the people not only take bath but also drop the articles used for pooja's into it there by making it polluted. And another such more serious issue is the rivers getting dried and depleted of water because allowing to take up sand from river beds for the construction pruposes so that the river couldnot flow for long distances before which they get dried.


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