The ground water level goes down in Erode District

Dear Members,

The water is very important source in the human life. We can't live with out water. Due to improper rainfall, The level of ground water has gone to very low in Erode District. The are many bore wells in the Erode District and it is also a one reason for that. The peoples are cutting the trees in many places and this is the mail reason for lower rainfall.

So, In future, We have to try to grow more trees in the state and all places to get proper rainfall. This is the only way to improve the level of ground water. We have to build storage tank in each and every house for saving the rainfalls during the rainy season. It is a another way to improve the ground water level. The same problems are also arising in many districts of Tamilnadu. The state government also should take some initiative steps to improve the ground water level in Tamil Nadu.

With Regards,